BBB was never a plan, never a concept, never an Idea

BBB is a Birthdayparty that got a life of its own.

In Oktober 2002 a Viennese Bartender who had been in the Industry for a while and who never really celebrated his birthday decided the last 20 (29th) needed a party.

It was a Tuesday, about 300 people showed up and most of them were bartenders, waiters, DJs, promoters, bar and club owners. Many were close friends and quite a few just showed up because so many others they knew were going.

Old friendships were renewed and people that had once worked together but lost contact saw each other again. (This was all in that ancient time before social Media was invented)

It was one wicked insane Party.

After that the calls for such events on a regular basis grew louder and louder.

People Brainstormed, got really drunk, brainstormed some more and BBB, Bar Babes and Bouncers was born.

And has been alive and kicking since 2003